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27 April 2021
Smart Cities Marketplace matchmaking: Kick-start your idea with our experts!

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Dive into project shaping with the members of the six Action Clusters of the Smart Cities Marketplace and its Initiatives.

  • Do you want to sharpen your project idea?
  • Does your business offer a smart city product or service?
  • Is your city ready to redevelop certain areas?
  • Are you interested in the know-how of the Action Clusters and its Initiatives to shape a financially viable project?
  • Are you looking to make investments in the area of mobility & transport, ICT or energy?

If you are an Action Cluster member, a city/regional representative, a solution provider, a policy maker or a business representative, this event is for you.

Taking place online on 27 April our matchmaking event – promoted by the European Commission under the Smart Cities Marketplace initiative – brings together city/regional representatives, the Smart Cities Marketplace Action Clusters, businesses and investors. It focuses on exploring and shaping opportunities for multiple stakeholders involved in smart cities projects. Another pillar is matching your project with investors. For these Deal meetings, you only need to upload a project idea in the registration process. Our matchmaking experts will review its project maturity level and get back to you.

    In this edition of the matchmaking event, the Action Clusters of the Smart Cities Marketplace will play a central role in developing new project ideas together with cities, solution providers and interested audience members. 

    Join one of the factsheet workshop sessions: Work together with specific Action Cluster and Initiative chairs of the Smart Cities Marketplace and other interested parties to develop a project idea. Start with a rudimentary factsheet and an idea and translate it into a business model canvas including ideas for project development and viable financing. Let the group know about your ideas of a smart city project or your smart solution.

    Topics of factsheet workshop sessions (register via the agenda for the workshop you want to attend):

    To prepare for the sessions, have a look at the factsheets that are linked to the topics and already dive into the topics.

    What can you expect?

    The matchmaking event offers an insight in existing smart city best practices in the areas of mobility & transport, ICT and energy in our Explore Zone. You can work together with the experts of the Action Clusters & Initiatives on project development based on a tailor-made factsheet in our Shape workshop sessions. The outcome will be pitched during the final event session by selected members of each working group. Three experts with a financing, business and city development background are there for open feedback and the selection of the most advanced idea. The chosen pitch gets to particpate in a deep dive shape session organised by the Marketplace matchmaking experts.

    Additionally, you can engage in 1:1 virtual meetings for networking and community building with the Smart Cities and Communities stakeholders (scheduling required).

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